Handsome 4-year-old hensonruin


About this horse

Age: 4

Gender: gelding

Type: Koetspaard

With this I propose my handsome hensonruin Calisto for sale.

He is 4 years young and is under the saddle. But still has to be driven on. He also knows the basis for being taught in the coach. For me, he runs a long rein with harness.
He has potential as a carriage horse, horse to do freedom dressage or recreational riding under the saddle.

I myself do not have the necessary time to drive him under the saddle, which he really needs!
That is why I sell him so that he gets the work he deserves.
He can already take a short jump under the saddle, with 2 on the track (never tried alone) and so also for me.

He is very gentle in character and is very eager to learn, and also learns rap, but still needs a firm hand if he is still young.

It is a huge teddy bear, but it takes time to trust you. He was neglected in the past and has had little love.

I do not sell my dear friend before I know that there is a good click.
Because he is not in my way.

Region Poperinge

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